Paneer Kolhapuri Recipe Without Onion & Garlic

Paneer kolhapuri is a delicious and one of the most popular Indian recipes. 
This rich and delicious recipe can be prepared in some minutes without any onions and garlic. You can add onion or garlic for making this recipe.But people who are Pure vegeterian we don'tt add onion and garlic to it.and this is rich Tomato-coconut-cashew gravy based recipe.
Paneer - 400 grams
Tomatoes - 8 (500grams)
Green chilly - 4
Ginger - 60-70 gram grinded 
Cashew - 50 gram grinded
Charmagaj - 50gram grinded
Dry coconut - ½ cup (grated)
Oil - 5-6 tbsp
Green coriander - 25 gram
Sesame seeds - 2 tsp
Cumin seeds - 2 tsp
Fennel - 1 tsp
Whole garam masala - 1 inch cinnamon stick, 1 brown cardamom, 3 green cardamom, 4 clove and 8-10 black pepper
Dried red chilly - 2-3
Salt - 1 tsp (as per taste)
Kashmiri Red chilly powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - ½ tsp
Asafoetida - 1 pinch
Coriander powder - 2 tsp
Dry kasturi methi - ½ tsp
jeera Powder - 1 tsp (optional)
curry Powder - 1tsp (optional)
chat masala (1½  tsp)/yogurt (optional)


1-Finely grind the green chilies and ginger.
2-Finely grind the tomatoes, and cashews & Charmagaj in a mixture jar to make a paste.
3-Cut paneer into 1-1 inch square chunks.

Prepare Kolhapuri Masala.

To prepare kholhapuri masala, heat a pan and dry roast sesame seeds,cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon stick, green cardamom, brown cardamom and dry coconut. Saute the spices for a while.and take out the roasted spices in a plate and let them cool them.
Now grind these spices to make a coarse powder. Kolhapuri masala is ready.


1-Heat some oil in a wok or pan and add 1 bay leaf,4-5 black pepper,2-3 green cardamom and small pice of chinamon for a flavour and then add cumin seeds into it and saute it for 30 seconds.
2-Add greenchilli and ginger paste into it and saute it for next 40 seconds..
3-After this add asafoetida, turmeric powder,kashmir chilli powder (for colour) coriander powder,jeera powder and curry powder and saute it till raw flavour of ginger goes away.
4-Then add rest spices i.e.  and tomato-cashew paste.
Stir and keep stirring until you see oil leaving the sides of the gravy. Keep the flame low-medium.
5-Then add our kolhapuri masala. Saute the masala for next 5-7 minutes.add ½ cup water and let it simmer for few more minutes.
6-When you see boil in the gravy, add salt and some dry kasturi methi into it.
7-Add paneer cubes. Give a nice and gently stir and then cook for 4-5 minutes.
8-If you want your dish to be chatpata then add 1½  tsp chat masala power/Yogurt to it.
9-Finally add chopped coriander into the curry for a sweet flavor and rest it.

Transfer paneer kolhapuri in a serving bowl. recipe is ready.
You can take paneer kolhapuri  with chapatti, parathas, naan or rice.

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